We are a mission of St. John United Methodist Church


Our Vision:

The Chastain School at St. John is a thriving place, widely recognized for providing excellence in meeting early childhood education needs in its local community and beyond, in a high quality facility and an environment of Christian love.  Families attending find in The Chastain School not only confidence that their child is receiving the highest quality start on their education and social development, but that St. John United Methodist Church can, should they decide to take advantage of it, meet the spiritual needs of their whole family.


The Chastain School at St. John is an educational ministry of the Church.  We have created an environment of Christian love and commit ourselves to helping your child grow in many ways by providing a warm, stimulating and safe learning environment.  

We teach the Christian ethic of “Love One Another”. We believe in each child’s individuality and that each child is special. Each child deserves respect, attention and the best developmentally appropriate experiences that our early childhood educational program can provide. Each child is presented with an opportunity to grow in a safe, loving and encouraging environment. St. John serves as a support system to help our families raise well-adjusted children. Each child’s success now, or in the future, depends on the close collaboration of teachers and parents who support the child’s intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual growth.

Play is the language of children and the foundation of any quality Early Childhood Educational Program. We provide opportunities for children to learn through play with a balance of self-discovery and teacher directed activities.

Director: Dana Kirisits (DanaK@stjohnchildren.org)

Address & Phone:  550 Mt. Paran Rd, Sandy Springs, GA 30327

Phone:  404-843-8375

Hours of Operation: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm; All Year Round

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